[thelist] how to stop a combo box resetting itself?

Millie Niss men2 at columbia.edu
Mon Jun 7 13:13:39 CDT 2004

I have a page in which there are two select input menus, and the choice made
in the first one sets up the choices for the second one, by some JavaScript
I wrote.  When you submit the form, via a submit button,  a new page is
loaded on a frame underneath the menus, with the menu choices determining
which page is loaded.  This works fine, but unfortunately when you submit
the form, it also resets the menus to their initial positions, which is
undesirable.  Normally, the use would want to stay with the setting on the
first menu, and change the setting on the second menu to see more stuff.

The problem seems to be that the page is reloaded when the form is
submitted.  If that's the case, I don't know how (short of server-side
scripting or a cookie) to restore the values in the menus.  These seem like
drastic efforts, so I hope someone can suggest something better.


www.sporkworld .org

P.S.  Please reply by email as well as to the list, because the list has so
much traffic it is somewhat unmanageble...  Thanks!

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