[thelist] Hosting reseller question

Jonathan j at firebright.com
Mon Jun 7 14:15:00 CDT 2004

> I asked a hosting provider the following question:
> - On an advanced reseller plan, does "Unlimited Domain 
> Pointers" mean I can create unlimited virtual domains?
> They answered:
> "Yes.  But they will be aliased to other accounts (aka, 
> inhereit the settings of the account you add them to)."


It's hard to find your own questions on a mailing list.  Perhaps I should
have given you a better answer Peter, to avoid having to write this.  But
you know, now at least everyone will benefit.

> What does that mean? On most reseller plans, I can create 
> unlimited name-based virtual domains. (Like you can do in 
> Apache httpd.conf). What is this alias stuff?

Basically, the system we're using for virtual hosting (we have another
system for VDS and other hosting services) is called Ensim Webppliance (as
opposed to the other big popular ones Plesk and Cpanel).  There are
basically three main control panels in the US market, and they each have
relatively compatable features.

"Domain Aliases" is an Ensim specific feature, but it's something you could
easily do with a standard linux box.  The idea is that you set up a hosting
account (such as domainx.com).  Domainx.com has email, web, and other user

Then, you can layer on another domain, say Domainy.com.  Domainy.com doesn't
actually set itself up as a new domain, but it gets all of it's settings
from the primary domain, Domainx.com.  Add a new email to Domainx.com, and
Domainy.com gets that email address...

This is the same hosting control panel used by many of the hosting providers
that fly across thelist, and this feature is on all of those providers,
though it can be turned off.

What I was saying is that we are adding a new root access Reseller account
with a dedicated Plesk control panel this week.  Essentially, it's more like
a dedicated server, which is more like what you're asking for! If that's of
more interest to you, let me know.  


Take care!


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