[thelist] Help with DIV problem - update

Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Mon Jun 7 19:08:51 CDT 2004

Message from Seyon (6/7/2004 07:51 PM)
>Message from Joshua Olson (6/7/2004 04:11 PM)
>>I think the problem may lie in that you've broken what I consider the
>>cardinal rule... never EVER put a set width on a div if you also specify any
>>of border, padding, and margin.
>I think that's a pretty horrible cardinal rule to foist off on others.

And here's another reason it's not a very good cardinal rule.

"A floated box must have an explicit width (assigned via the 'width' 
property, or its intrinsic width in the case of replaced elements)."

With further commentary at

Essentially, your makeshift rule contradicts portions of the CSS spec. I'm 
sure it's not a problem for you cause you probably understand all this. 
Same shouldn't be assumed about everyone who reads your advice.


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