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Ani Phelan aphelan at ajava.biz
Tue Jun 8 14:57:48 CDT 2004

(Oops, sorry, sent before I was finished...)

I don't want the nav to behave differently; I just want to be able to
open additional navs, such as Wireless and Security, without the Routers
nav staying open. With the code as it is, if I write the treenodeshow
class to Wireless, then when I open Wireless, Routers will stay open...
because treenodeshow is written to routers any time the directory is not
in Switches... so, a hypothetical

            if (onPage.startsWith("/cisco/systems/switches/"))
            OR (onPage.startsWith("/cisco/systems/wireless/"))


In the Routers <li class=""> would do the trick... except that that ^ of
course, isn't valid...


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Ani Phelan wrote:

> But I need to add the new section, Wireless, and I'm not sure how
> to write this so that it will write treenodeshow to the appropriate
> section & default to Routers when I'm dealing with more than two
> sections... hope that makes sense 

Actually, I'm afraid I'm missing it -- how do you want your example
page (http://www.ajavanetworking.com) to behave differently than it
does now?

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