[thelist] ecom reccomendations

sbeam sbeam at syxyz.net
Wed Jun 9 08:23:16 CDT 2004


I've been tasked with implementing an ecommerce site after staying away 
from that area for about 6 years. A lot has changed - my last one was 
home brewed. I'm looking for a catalog, shopping cart, authorization, 
payment system that will run on a Unix shared host. DB-backed, no flat 
files. Site is for a record label and the product catalog items will 
need to be customized to include audio files and track listings. 
Reviews, customer comments, etc. would be nice (my nephew is going to 
work for Amazon, maybe I'll steal theirs :)

Looking at osCommerce now, and it installed nicely and the interface is 
slick, but it looks like customizing the HTML and the functionality is 
really a pain - they don't believe in templates :(

non-OSS products would be OK also. Does anyone have any better ideas?



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