[thelist] Documentation best practices?

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Jun 9 10:24:32 CDT 2004

Hey Joel,

>I've been given the task of documenting a software package, and I'd like
>feedback about what are considered some modern best practices for such a

When I worked for Metrowerks, a subsidiary for Motorola, I found out they
used two pieces of software. The first was Frame Maker for writing their
manuals. One of my colleagues used the "on steroids" version, which used
SGML for modular documentation.

As far as the "About > Help" option, they used RoboHelp to create the .chm
("Chum") files. These are HTML based. I used the program back in Version 6
and it was fairly uncomplicated. 

On a side note, my current software colleague uses the later version of
RoboHelp 9 and has the hardest time using it. When he ordered the software,
low and behold, no manual. You have to pay an additional fee for support or
the manual. 

There may by cheaper more lucrative opportunities out there, but this is
what I have on my brain for experience.



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