[thelist] Flash Question

joe stowaway at uklinux.net
Wed Jun 9 11:55:59 CDT 2004

Diane Soini wrote:

> On Wednesday, June 9, 2004, at 04:20 AM, 
> thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>>> Both are good reasons. However, the first is not quite correct. 
>>> There is
>>> nothing stopping Flash from triggering your php link in order for 
>>> you to
>>> record the click. It simply has to be placed into the Flash movie in 
>>> the
>>> same way that it would be placed into an html page.
>>> getURL("/click.php?jump=http://www.foo.com");
>>> This would cause the link to go through your php script, just like any
>> other
>>> html link.
>>> chris
> No, you can't do that. Flash will chop off whatever is after the ? mark.
hi diane

this isn't true. 

> What you want to do is ask your flash programmer to create the button 
> so that it calls getURL(passedinurl). Then in your html the path to 
> the flash movie is "myswf.swf?passedinurl=foo.php".
perfectly reasonable but...

> getURL takes three arguments: getURL(url [, window [, "GET" or 
> "POST"]]). You can pass those argument values into Flash like I've 
> shown above, as well as any other variables you may wish to pass along 
> by GET or POST. The Flash programmer has to know how to retrieve any 
> variables passed in by query string for use in his button script (such 
> as with loadVariables or similar).

the target and method arguments are optional.  if your url has a query 
string you don't need to tell Flash to use GET.

> This way he should be able to craft a button that will have the 
> flexibility you need.

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