[thelist] Documentation best practices?

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Wed Jun 9 12:09:02 CDT 2004

So, no real answer to the original question: "best practices".

I was hoping for some info on the same subject.

On the vein of examples...

Check out php.net. A great example of a great documentation system. Yes
for developers, but there would be no reason not take this idea into
other areas.

At the bottom of each element of documentation is a user comment
section. I've found that, sometimes, more valuable than the original

I guess this all depends upon your market. Home of office.

Most office are now wired, so an online doc system would not be out of
the question.

I would also make a "local" copy of the docs that install with the app.
Also have some way to "update" the docs for the user. Maybe even with
the user comments along for the ride.

This would give people without DSL(plus) access the ability to dial-up,
update docs and get off.

Some food for thought.

Good luck.


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