[thelist] [php] emailing to multiple recipients

sandra sandra.miller1969 at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 9 18:00:02 CDT 2004


I have a simple script on my site that sends mail to me. I am looking to
hack the script so that it sends to as many as 15 recipients!

The script was downloaded from a website, the code is copied below. Can
anyone help?


// headers for the email listed below

$headers .= "From: $name <$email>\n";  // your email client will show the
person's email address like normal
$headers .= "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n"; // sets the
mime type
$recipient = "feedback at saveinverclyderoyal.com"; // enter YOUR email address
$subject = "Feedback from Save IRH"; // this is the subject of the email

$msg = wordwrap( $msg, 1024 );

mail($recipient, $subject, stripslashes($msg), $headers); // the mail()
function sends the message to you

//Once the data is entered, redirect the user to give them visual
   header("location: thanks.php");

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