[thelist] Site crashing Mac OS9 / IE5

Nick Harewood : space-scape evolt at space-scape.com
Thu Jun 10 04:53:48 CDT 2004

Hello all,

I'm looking for the benefit of the list members' combined experience to
point me in the right direction to fix a bug apparently causing a users'
machine to freeze when viewed on Mac OS9 / IE5.

FYI; the site in question is http://www.bigstrong.co.uk

description from one user:
"I am afraid that both versions appear to send internet explorer into a
downward spiral, locking it up completely & preventing any moving of windows
or switching to other apps. I be using explorer 5.1.6 or 7 (whichever the
last version for os9 was.)"

All the HTML and CSS is valid according to w3c, and I had thought it might
be something to do with the use of a random background image [
style="background-image:url(/images/contbackleft/rotate.php);" ] after
finding similar problems documented in these threads:

'IE 5.0 Mac crashes on displaying form results':
'php generated image crashes mac':

But, after removing the php references, I'm getting the same results.  This
has been reported from two separate users, and given the subject
matter/target audience of the site - the number of users with this
combination of OS9 and IE5 is potentially quite high.

I'm all out of ideas and google search terms, so any pointers would be
greatfully received.



space-scape web design Ltd

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