[thelist] email ticket system for webmaster messages

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Thu Jun 10 05:36:29 CDT 2004

Sarah Sweeney wrote:

> I've suggested they try a ticket system as a possible solution to this 
> problem. The requirements: free or really cheap, PHP or ColdFusion (or 
> Perl), MySQL or SQL Server, and, most importantly, it must be *dead 
> simple* to use :) These are some I've found:
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/ticketsmith/
> http://www.troubleticketexpress.com/open-source-software.html
> http://otrs.org/
> Based on the demos/screenshots available, I think TicketSmith looks 
> like the easiest to use. Does anyone have experience with any of these 
> or any other good ticket systems?
My host uses eSupport from Kayako[0] which seems like an excellent 
system to me and although commercial it the pricing seems very reasonable.


[0] http://www.kayako.com/?_a=products&_m=esupport.features

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