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     I'm trying to deploy IE 6 across my organization but have 
encountered some difficulties. I was wondering if there's anyone around 
the list that might have worked with the Internet Explorer 
Resource/Administration Kit and was willing to give me a hand.

     For the time being the only thing I've got going is an automatic 
configuration script (.ins file) that specifies and blocks the browsers 
homepage, defines the text on the title bar and an automatic script with 
information about the connection settings [1]. However, this file does 
not restrict the users rights and permissions (i.e., it does not block 
the changing of specific settings through the Group Policies).

     1. Administrative Rights
     I need to install IE6 on just about every computer on my 
organization (over 250 users in 5 different offices) but most users do 
not have administrative rights. I believe the only answer to this 
question is SMS - Systems Management Server. Does anyone know any other 
possible solution?

     2. Policies
     The installation will have to define certain policies which will 
restrict the users rights and permissions. I do, however, need to have 
full control of these policies. Each group of users will have different 
sets of policies. Say, a normal user will be unable to change the 
connection settings but an administrator will have to be able to do it. 
Also, I'd like to be able to remotely control those permissions very 
much the same way I change the text on the title bar or the connection 
settings through the automatic configuration script (.ins file) I've 

     3. Automatic Search
     It's possible to define an automatic search script [2] for when the 
user inserts an expression, term or even a wrong URL in the address 
field. The only problem is to have that working the script must be 
hosted at http://ieautosearch/response.asp?MT=%1&srch=%2. I can redirect 
that address to my script using DNS, correct? What other ways are there 
to do this without using DNS? I thought of using the automatic 
configuration script for the internet connection settings [1] but I 
don't believe it's possible.

     4. IEAK Profile Manager
     For what I've been reading and experiencing the IEAK Profile 
Manager (the program that edits the .ins file) is able to remotely 
change just about everything we want to setup. I can change the text in 
the title bar, the connection settings, the homepage, etc... However, I 
haven't been able to successfully control the Policies. Can anyone 
explain this?


1. http://www.adrianocastro.net/post/pub/help/003.txt
2. http://www.adrianocastro.net/post/pub/help/003.html

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