[thelist] Audio Blogging & Dictation - Your Thoughts

divaone lparis1 at nc.rr.com
Thu Jun 10 09:29:45 CDT 2004


Does anyone have experience with audio blogging - audioblog, audblog, etc?
Have you used this method? If so, did you continue after any 'decent' amount
of time? For what purpose have you used this? Are stats provided - how many
clicks, listens, requests, etc? In other words, how did your visitor base
respond to your use of recordings? Is the technology relatively simple to
use and integrate into a site?

Related, can you recommend any good dictation software, free or otherwise,
but not astronomical in price (like thousands). By dictation I mean a
program that includes speech to text. The use would be simple addition of
news items and journal posts to a website. I do not have the net framework
but am willing to install necessary drivers and benign OS-altering

divaone ~

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