[thelist] Spam: A new method

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Thu Jun 10 15:58:15 CDT 2004

At 04:27 PM 2004-06-10, you wrote:
>Not that I would assume that spamming makes sense   ;)  but maybe
>this spammer just tries to fake the sender using your address - ?

>A customer of mine recently receives this kind of bouncer spam,
>and I told him the spammer is simply faking the sender address...

It does make sense.  The spammer does fake a "To" address, say 
"null at bitbucket.kr". It's a known bad address. He or she then places the 
desired recipient in the "from" address, so that it bounces back to the 
"from" address. Or at least that's how I interpret what was happening on 
our machine. We've got all relays closed down hard. We had to call our 
upstream, who then shut these 4 networks off.

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