[thelist] JavaScript - linking v. embedding

Amy amyrynne at comcast.net
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I recently read that the "embed element is deprecated in XHTML 1.0" and that
there is "currently no option that uses the embed element and includes both
cross-browser compatibility and web standards compliance."
This is a quote from Dreamweaver MX/Fireworks MX by Christian Crumlish.


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> David Siedband <david at calteg.org> wrote:
> > Are there guidelines for when javascript should be linked as a separate
> > file and when it should be embedded?
> Linking is usually best. You then don't have to worry about a number of
> HTML escaping issues that can otherwise be confusing.
> Embedding, however, may be more convenient where:
>    - the scripting involved is very short
>    - the code is not shared over multiple pages
>    - the page is generated by the server (through PHP etc.) and you want
>      to include dynamic JavaScript (eg. setting up an array of data for
>      another linked script to handle).
> Inline script (onclick etc.) has further escaping issues and is often
> better replaced with direct listener assignment from JS.
> > Are there variations in how browsers treat these two options?
> Normally, no: the browser must execute the scripting, whether embedded
> or linked, before continuing with the parsing of the rest of the document.
> This is not necessarily the case if you use <script defer> (or
> defer="defer" in XHTML), which can allow the browser to take its time
> over loading scripts; in this case a linked script may run a bit later
> than an embedded one if the browser has to fetch it. <script defer> is
> not globally supported though, and rarely used ATM.
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