[thelist] Design Job Candidate: Template or the Real Thing?

Dan McCullough dmccullough at garnethill.com
Fri Jun 11 10:45:40 CDT 2004

Yes, as a matter of fact my wife lost a contract to a company where she
was actually chosen, the VP left and a new VP came in and gave the
design job to a friend of his.  The end design, they have since scrapped
the design, looked very similar, I would say there is a pretty good
chance that he either has purchased or copied a design.

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We just gave a test to a guy who applied for a web graphics & layout
job here. The test involved putting together a home page layout using
provided images. The layout was supposed to be for a NASA Propulsion
technology enterprise mock site.

When we received a jpeg of his submission, it looked a little too
cookie-cutter to us. The instructions asked for a PSD source file and he
very hesitant to provided it to us. So while we waited, we decided to
out the rest of his portfolio again.

After a bit of poking around and some hunches, we discovered that every
of his designs was purchased from TemplateMonster.com. Now, he may have
that with full disclosure to his clients, but the image he submitted for
this job was supposed to be his own work.

Here is the image in question:

The rocket image on the right, as well as the background images in the
blocks of content and the NASA logo, were images provided to him by us.
rest is allegedly his design.

Has anyone seen this same layout elsewhere?


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