[thelist] Which CMS to choose? ( RE )

Andrew Raymond andyray at gmx.net
Fri Jun 11 19:56:15 CDT 2004

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments.
Apologize for not specifying my needs right away.
The CMS we need is for an academic web site which focuses mainly on
articles. We will be having visiting scholars who will have access to
the site and be able to upload articles online, which will be approved
by the editor. The basic template is Title, Subtitle, Image, Text,
Quotes, and a link to a discussion forum which we would like to
integrate too. As the article is approved by the editor, and is inserted
into the database, it should automatically be updated on the index page,
with its own thumbnail image, title, and preview copy. All articles
should be searchable with the search feature.
The layout is simple, a top navigation bar, and a hierarchy-specific
links bar on the right. Another feature is a mailing list.
Design is a very important aspect, so if there is support for GoLive of
Dreamweaver that would be great. The editors and article-posters will
not be familiar with HTML, so a user-friendly and easy interface for
posting/managing articles is very important.
Again, appreciate your time

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