[thelist] JS breakdown

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> can someone break this down for me.
> function rates() {

A function called RATES, with no parameters

> var find_rate

Local scope variable labeled FIND_RATE

> document.rate.country

 - [document] Current document
 -     [rate] This is most likely a FORM Object ID or NAME
 -  [country] SELECT Object NAME or ID

> [document.rate.country.selected Index]

An index of that object.

Since it is a list, this is treated as an array.

So, this gives the INDEX value of the selected item

> .value;

What is the value of that selected item

> var find_rate2

Another locally scoped variable

> find_rate.split(",");

Now, take the value of the selected item form the COUNTRY select list
And split it on the COMMA into an array

Interesting. A select list that as 2 values for each item in the SELECT

> 	document.rate.Peak
> 	document.rate.OffPeak

This is most likely NAMEs or Ids of TEXT Objects or TEXTAREAs

> .value

This is that value of each text object

> document.rate.Peak.value=find_rate2[0];

This pulls the first element form the array and sticks it in PEAK text

> dcument.rate.OffPeak.value=find_rate2[1];

This pulls the second element form the array and sticks it in OffPeak
text object

Does that explain it?


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