[thelist] PHP & PAYPAL

7 sinz btcode at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 23:16:49 CDT 2004

Hi, Im in need of advise.

I need to develope a membership for a current project. My questions may be 
confusing but if you can help please do.

When it comes to server side scripting im a noobie, basically i can check a 
username,store information and create sessions ( basic stuff ). Even with my 
limited skills, i have made a half-decent membership system.

My question is, can anyone point out the best way to intergrate it with 
paypals subscription service.

heres the breakdown of what i have.

 > new user sign up
 > Form information checked ( u kno this drill )
 > the user is mailed a password to login witha link to the login page.

What i need is this.

>sign up
>form check
>paypal page/payment
>then the user is emailed the password etc.

My problem is that the users password is generated once they submit the 
form, so i have no way of duplicating that ( so it matches with the databse 
entry ) after they leave the site, and head ove to paypal for the payment.

If anyone can shed some light on what i should or could do, or even if you 
know of a link that exaplains something on these lines could you please 
reply. Or help is welcome and very much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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