[thelist] Strange horizontal scrollbars in IE

Webmaster webmaster at tribal-treble.com
Mon Jun 21 11:30:03 CDT 2004

I had a question i was hoping somebody could help correct. Its in regards 
to a site im working on (temp at: ) 
that I was wondering if somebody may be kind enough to help with: This is 
most likely something that has been discussed, I've searched and don't 
really know how to describe it, so it was a dead end... If you notice when 
clicking on some of the nav links, some of the pages end up with a 
horizontal scroll at the bottom and I don't know why... the only guess I 
could have was as soon as the vertical scroll appears it creates the 
horizontal one as well... But the odd thing is, no matter how big or wide I 
make the iframe that the links are loading into, it keeps appearing...


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