[thelist] Web Methodology - One more time

David Frazier defrazier at northeaststate.edu
Tue Jun 22 11:44:12 CDT 2004

Thanks to those that have already visited my Website
<cscilinux.northeaststate.edu/research/> and filled out the feedback

For others, please take a look at this page, which describes a Web
Development Methodology that I am developing as part of my Master's
Degree program.  If you do view the site, please fill out the feedback

As a side note, I know that the site is ghastly ugly.  It was put
together way too quick.  I thought I would be able to clean it up later,
but to do that I would have to complete some red tape, so ugly it
stays.  I am interested in feedback on the concepts presented, not how
ugly the site is. :-)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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