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divaone lparis1 at nc.rr.com
Tue Jun 22 17:26:01 CDT 2004

I currently have 600mb for 12/month and am with a host I've been with for
two years now. Listing all my specs probably isn't relevant to this
conversation. We have a good relationship, however, and I get quality
service. The brief specs listed don't seem so far out of line, IMHO. And
this may be a special offer??? We don't have this information.

Perhaps ask the host directly for references and get some real-world
opinions of the service. Hopefully the host will offer you several random
customers from which to choose.

divaone ~

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> >Has anyone  tried http://www.hostgator.com They give
> unlimited domains
> >hosting & 2000MB spce for just $25 a month.
> >

Wow, with prices like that I'm sure you'll be stoked with their quality and
service. ;-)
Disclosure: I own a hosting company.  However, I'm sharing all this because
it's important to think about when you're looking for providers.  These
models don't scale.  You're almost guaranteed a bad experience.

My 2c.


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