[thelist] Does where you host your site matter?

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Tue Jun 22 20:19:45 CDT 2004

edwin at moscovitch.co.uk 18/06/2004 20:23:37 >
If your UK company website is hosted in the US can it affect how (or
whether) you are rated or listed on Google.co.uk? 


IMO no, doesn't matter - Google will pick up the domain name and
recognise this as a UK site.

However, many organisations or individuals have limits on accessing
websites in other countries - for example my workplace has 20 Mbps
national but only 3 Mbps international so access to sites outside out
country is slow, and a wireless broadband service on the go here has
free national traffic, but international traffic is charged per MB (over
the data cap limit).

That for me is the only consideration with hosting overseas


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