[thelist] (x)html 1.0 validation with javascript

Gordon MacLeod gomac11 at rogers.com
Tue Jun 22 21:24:59 CDT 2004

Not sure why yours doesn't validate, but onclick doesn't have to be

Anyway, this validates:

In your head:
<script type="text/javascript">
function newWindow(theWidth,theHeight) {
popup = window.open("","newwin","width=" + theWidth + ",height=" +
theHeight + ",resizable=no,status=no,scrollbars=no")
// -->

Your link:
<a href='file-path' onclick='newWindow(100,100)' target='whatever'>

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Hello everyone,

This being my first post to this list, I have what I hope is an easy

After playing with HTML and the like for the past few years, I 
have gotten
serious about webdesign over the past few months.  The fact 
that I have been
tasked to develop a website for my company might have something 
to do with

Anyway, I have completed my site and am validating my pages.  
The problem I
am running into is that one page has links which open in a popup window
using javascript. The link is as follows : 


<a href="dimetech/2004-06-18.htm" onClick="return
popUp('dimetech/2004-06-18.htm', 'imageName',


Because onClick="return popup uses capital letters the page will not
validate as XHTML1.0 transitional.  If I use lowercase letters, the page
validates but the script no longer works.


Does anyone have a solution besides the good old standby, "forget about
validaton"?  Is there any way to validate and to have my script work?






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