[thelist] (x)html 1.0 validation with javascript

Matt Tibbits metibbits at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 23 09:13:49 CDT 2004

Actually the problem was not with OnClick...after a good nights sleep it
just jumped off the screen at me this morning...

If you look at this link <a href="" onclick="return popup(' ')...the popup
function was written as popUp in the actual script. I changed it to all
lowercase in the script (popup) and now it works fine. Oh, the little

Anyways, since everything is now lowercase it validates using strict XHTML
1.0 and my script also works.



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Not sure why yours doesn't validate, but onclick doesn't have to be

Anyway, this validates:

In your head:
<script type="text/javascript">
function newWindow(theWidth,theHeight) {
popup = window.open("","newwin","width=" + theWidth + ",height=" +
theHeight + ",resizable=no,status=no,scrollbars=no")
// -->

Your link:
<a href='file-path' onclick='newWindow(100,100)' target='whatever'>

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Hello everyone,

This being my first post to this list, I have what I hope is an easy

After playing with HTML and the like for the past few years, I 
have gotten
serious about webdesign over the past few months.  The fact 
that I have been
tasked to develop a website for my company might have something 
to do with

Anyway, I have completed my site and am validating my pages.  
The problem I
am running into is that one page has links which open in a popup window
using javascript. The link is as follows : 


<a href="dimetech/2004-06-18.htm" onClick="return
popUp('dimetech/2004-06-18.htm', 'imageName',


Because onClick="return popup uses capital letters the page will not
validate as XHTML1.0 transitional.  If I use lowercase letters, the page
validates but the script no longer works.


Does anyone have a solution besides the good old standby, "forget about
validaton"?  Is there any way to validate and to have my script work?






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