[thelist] moving from 2 authentication systems to 1 unified system?

David Siedband david at calteg.org
Wed Jun 23 16:53:00 CDT 2004

Have you considered LDAP as an authentication mechanism?

There is a mod for phpBB that allows you to authenticate against LDAP

Here's some information about LDAP functions in PHP

David Siedband

Oceanic Sky New Media

On Jun 22, 2004, at 11:49 PM, morife at ekoile.com wrote:

> Hi & thanks for taking a look @ my issue:
> I maintain a site that has a store/shopping cart system that I co-wrote
> and an open source message board (phpBB) system.
> The site has grown more than I ever imagined & with continued growth,
> rather than further fragment my users forcing them to have 2 or more
> accounts, I’d like to integrate the two systems & move forward under 
> one
> unified user account/authentication system.  Another important reason 
> for
> the integration is that I’d like to use the unified account as a “user
> control panel” where they can monitor things like orders, email
> newsletters and the like.
> I’ve never done anything like this before.  Can someone point me in the
> right direction or offer me some “best practices” or a way of going 
> about
> migrating users from the current systems onto the new unified system?
> I’ve looked into an API for phpBB, but I wasn’t able to find one – I
> really don’t mind branching the codebase (or moving to another forum 
> and
> branching that code)
> The databases are mysql and the code is written in php running on 
> apache.
> I’d really like any ideas or experiences anyone can offer – I realize 
> this
> isn’t a trivial issue.
> Thanks for the help & your time!
>  - m
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