[thelist] IIS serves .ASPX files, hangs serving .ASP files

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jun 23 20:00:52 CDT 2004


With Windows 2003 Server, you use the Web Service Extensions (WSE) node in
the IIS Manager to selectively enable or disable dynamic application types.
If ASP is not enabled, you will see a 404.2 error "Web service extension
lockdown policy prevents this request" - the page will not "hang" you will
get the 404.2 HTTP status in your browser straight away.

Things I would check:
a) are you running ZoneAlarm 5 - there is a bug in ZoneAlarm 5 that stops
IIS working properly for some things. Check the ZA forums for instructions
on how to downgrade to 4.5

b) are you running Norton Antivirus? If so, disable the "Script Blocking"
feature, and restart the NAV services (or just reboot). It may be that your
global.asa file, or your ASP page is attempting to use the File System
Object. NAV's Script Blocking feature prevents that (since viruses can also
use the FSO to do their dirty work)

c) Rename the global.asa file to global.old (or similar) in your web
application's root folder. Does everything start working?


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: Anthony,
: > Win 2003 Server has ASP off by default.
: Can you tell me how to turn it on?
: > Was this working before?
: Never.  Not even before I upgraded from Win2000 Pro to WinXP Pro.
: > Can you run an html page with no code, but an asp extension?
: I can.
: I've been Googling and MSKBing, to no avail.  Any Ideas?
: Thanks,
:   Ed

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