[thelist] Creating a desktop link to a web page

Mike Hopkins ironmike at inav.net
Thu Jun 24 00:54:23 CDT 2004

I just visited the Winsite software site  www.winsite.com,
the first site I could
think of with a FAVICON for the site. I simply dragged this
<favicon> to my desk
top and the link -- with icon -- was created.

To test the persistence of the icon itself I cleared my
cache and re-booted. The
icon and link persisted, at least so far. Even if the icon
itself disappears, the
*link* will persist with the default icon.

Of course I haven't tried this in anything but IE6, so YMMV.
I don't know how
wide the support for <favicon> is. I don't know (yet)
whether the icon is stored
anywhere on my system in addition to the link, etc. It is
not in my cache, though.

UPDATE: Seems to work in Mozilla 1.7 as well -- both opening
from the link
and dragging the link to the desk top.


Mike Hopkins
ironmike at inav.net

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From: "Casey Crookston" <casey at thecrookstons.com>
Subject: [thelist] Creating a desktop link to a web page

> We're all familiar with the "click here to add this page
to your favorites"
> link. I have a client who would like to take this one step
> She's developed a web-based tool which has become popular
with some of her
> clients, and would like a link on the web page, which,
when clicked, creates
> a desktop icon. later, when that icon is double clicked, a
browser is opened
> to her page.
> How would one go about doing this? I don't have any
problem creating the
> icon file (.ico), but I don't know how to code the link to
create the icon
> on the user's desktop. Is this even possible?

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