[thelist] Running OS X on PC can now be done

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Thu Jun 24 01:44:34 CDT 2004

<tip type="Mac emulation" author="Tim Burgan">

Now you CAN test your websites in OS X from your Windows desktop using
PearPC[1] (open source)!

I've tested it on Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 and it works - I can
actually run OS X.

Either download the official releases[2,3]or daily builds[4], and follow
the instructions in the guides[5,6].

To use on windows - you need to convert your OS X install CD to an ISO
file because PearPC can't detect CD drives yet. Use 'Alcohol 120%'[7] to
do this.

Obviously PearPC is in very early development, so it is slow to do
anything other than website testing - but I recommend using PearPC
within a VMWare[8] Virtual Machine so you can simply suspend the session
so that you don't have to always wait for OS X to load. (Just DON'T have
the VMWare Tools Mouse Driver installed).

Happy testing!!

[1] <http://pearpc.sourceforge.net>
[2] <http://pearpc.sourceforge.net/downloads.html>
[3] <http://www.pearpc.net/downloads.php>
[4] <http://www.richardgoodwin.com/pearpc/cvsbuilds.php>
[5] <http://www.pearpc.net/guides.php>
[6] <http://www.emaculation.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1128>
[7] <http://www.alcohol-software.com>
[8] <http://www.vmware.com/landing/ws4_home.html>


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