SV: [thelist] Adding title with css

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Thu Jun 24 06:12:46 CDT 2004

<As CSS is all about presentation style of a document, not the content,
I'd imagine that it's not possible to do what you are asking - a title
is content, not presentation.>

Ah, content and presentation, of course :) Should've thought about that
myself, but I got tangled up in the :before and :after things and then
my mind just got racing...

<If you create the links on the server side, then it should be easy
enough to make the titles there too. If you make the links by hand, but
don't want to make titles manually, you could use JS & DOM to find links
to *.pdf and set their title.>

Yep, I know javascript would do the trick but the point of title's are
accessibility and javascript and accessibility don't mix (well, aboutish
at least).
Thanks though!


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