[thelist] Parsing document server side (was Adding title with css)

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at ufl.gu.se
Thu Jun 24 07:38:06 CDT 2004

<The concern I'd have with using DOM scripting to place a title, would
be another removal of semantic value for any robot parsing the text if
it doesn't apply scripting changes before parsing content (plenty of
possibility for this); this is where I'd recommend server side scripting
of some flavour (whatever floats your boat) to parse the links and add
titles rather than client side (client side has many advantages and has
it's place, but in such cases where it can detract from the usefulness
or parseability of the document content, I believe it detracts highly
from such use).>

I'm not sure if I follow you entirely, but from what you write it seems
it would be possible to scan the document server side, much as a client
side javascript would accomplish, and so add title to all suitable links
before the documents final passing from the server to the client. Is
this possible? If so, how? I'm using ASP (not .Net, with JavaScript
Or do you mean something like having the document in a databes and
scan/add content that way?


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