[thelist] PowerPoint slides to images look different among machines

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 24 08:01:44 CDT 2004

Maybe Ken knows the answer to this one, or someone else. Nobody at my 
office knows and we have scoured for an answer.

It seems that you get better quality images saving PowerPoint slides as 
images on some machines than on other machines.

When I save from my computer, the text comes out jaggy (looks like 
Arial Black, too) and the colors have halos. On another machine, the 
text is as nice as it is on screen, thin fonts stay thin, colors stay 
true, nothing is blurred or jaggy.

We can't find a setting that affects this. Gif or jpg or the size of 
the images makes no difference. As far as I know, everybody has XP Pro. 
Is there a secret setting for getting good images from PowerPoint 


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