[thelist] PowerPoint slides to images look different among machines

D. Bruce Saurer g1notami at zoominternet.net
Thu Jun 24 09:36:06 CDT 2004

Have you tried a full screen grab in SlideShow mode?
It's often been the simplest solution for me.

If you need something more, here's a tip from:
PowerPoint FAQ List - The Full FAQ

Get the same image OUT of PowerPoint as went in originally
You have an image in PowerPoint and need to use it elsewhere. When you
copy and paste the image to other programs, you get a low resolution image.
MS PhotoEdit to the rescue. It's included in Office 97 onward, so if 
it's not
already installed, run Setup and install it.
Click the image in PowerPoint to select it, then choose Edit, Copy or 
press Ctrl
Start PhotoEdit and choose Edit, Paste.
Save the image from PhotoEdit to the format of your choice.
When you copy and paste images from PowerPoint to most other programs,
you get the image as it's currently displayed in PowerPoint, not at its 
For example, if you have a 1024x768 pixel screen capture that you've 
into PowerPoint and reduced to 1/4 screen size and you're working on a 
running at 800x600, when you copy and paste, you'll get 400x300 pixels, 
not the
original 1024x768 image.
Apparently, PowerPoint also puts the full original image on the 
clipboard, but in
a format that most other apps don't understand, so they can't paste it. MS
PhotoEdit evidently understands the format, so you get the full original 

g1notami at zoominternet.net

James Denholm-Price said the following:
> On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 06:01:44 -0700, Diane Soini
> <dianesoini at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>It seems that you get better quality images saving PowerPoint slides as
>>images on some machines than on other machines.
>>We can't find a setting that affects this. Gif or jpg or the size of
>>the images makes no difference. As far as I know, everybody has XP Pro.
>>Is there a secret setting for getting good images from PowerPoint
> On PPT XP2002 there is a Tools menu in the Save dialog that has a few
> relevant settings including Compress Pictures. ... perhaps that's it?!
> If not, do they all have the same screen size? Colour depths? What
> version of PPT are you using?
> James

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