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Richard Osborne R.M.Osborne at exeter.ac.uk
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After looking at many different programs last year I discovered
http://www.sawmill.net/ and am now using it for about 30 different sites.
The tools for exploring individual pathways and sessions are excellent (I
work for a research unit where individual user information is crucial).

Rich Osborne

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I have a client who wishes to track specific users on his web site. He
wants to know what pages they went to and how long they stayed there (he
has about 20 people who will have access to this site and he is curious
about what they (each one individually) will find important -the financial
reports or something else).

I have looked in to Hit Box (websidestory) and Webtrends.

Any opinions on these two? Any suggestions for others that can do the above

Thanks for your help.

Audrey Blumeneau

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