[thelist] What css browser bug needs "background: transparent"?

Elly lists at echozone.com
Fri Jun 25 16:05:24 CDT 2004

I've been searching for the reason why I so often see "background: 
transparent" used when transparent is default for background-color.

I assumed it must be for some older Windows browser bug, being only 
able to test conveniently on Mac browsers, and finally found this for 
Netscape 4 Windows, at the CSS Pointers Group, in the bugs section:
which has a few points about using background: transparent.

I see it used with the link pseudo class selectors, and that is where 
I've always questioned using it, but never did since the standard shows 
transparent is default for background-color.

I'm wondering why this is the only reference I've seen on using 
background: transparent when it seems unecessary, and would like to 
hear from others clarification on when and for what browser bug(s) this 
is used.


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