[thelist] What css browser bug needs "background: transparent"?

Elly lists at echozone.com
Sat Jun 26 00:53:52 CDT 2004

On Jun 25, 2004, at 10:19 PM, Tony Crockford wrote:

> At 22:05 on Friday, 25 Jun 2004, Elly wrote:
>> I've been searching for the reason why I so often see "background: 
>> transparent" used when transparent is default for background-color.
> It's not about bugs AFAIK, its about validation.
> I use background-color: transparent to stop being warned about the 
> "need to specify a background-color whenever color is specified".
> That's all.
> hth

The link pseudo class selectors validate with color and no background 
specified. That would have given me the answer to my question. All my 
style sheets validate.

Not sure how you're getting that, since I can also submit an element or 
class with color specified, and no background color, with warnings set 
to "All" in w3.org's css validatior, and all comes out clean.


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