[thelist] Best UI Design Books

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Sat Jun 26 01:14:01 CDT 2004

Here are some books I've found useful:

Software for Use by Constantine and Lockwood

Building Web Applications with UML by Conallen

Information Architecture by Rosenfeld and Morville

Things that Make Us Smart by Don Norman (actually, anything by Don Norman is

Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garret

Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte




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I'm looking to take my UI design skills (Web & Multimedia) past "street
sense" into some more formal self study. Wondering if anyone has any
recommendations for "not to be missed" books on the subject -- particularly
that mix a good balance of usability research (and research methodology)
with real world case studies.


Gratsi --


Bryan Zug
WBT Developer
Children's Hospital
Seattle, WA 

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