[thelist] Frame Order ( or is it?)

ahk ahk at ahsk.com
Sat Jun 26 03:44:43 CDT 2004

  Thank you David for the explination. you got it right. This is very much
what I would like to do. I will give the suckerfish dropdown menu a try to
see how it works for me looks a very nice menu.

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  > ahk,
  > I'm a bit puzzled what you are actually trying to do here. Can you
  > more clearly? And provide a link to your (broken) page if possible? That
  > would be useful for people trying to help you.
  > Some comments on what I *think* you are trying to do:
  > 1. If you are trying to implement a drop-down menu in css/javascript,
  > my advice is to forget the framesets idea altogether, and put it all on
  > page. This keeps it simple. The suckerfish dropdown menu is free and
  > great [0].
  > 2. Content on separate frames will never overlap, whatever you do with
  > or z-order or anything else. You can relate to them as separate windows:
  > can't get content in one to overlap the content of another.
  > 3. The z-order property affects the layout order of components on a
  > document, within one frame. It doesn't apply to to frames or framesets.
  > not sure what "-index" property you are referring to.
  > Hope this helps.
  > David
  > [0] http://www.alistapart.com/articles/dropdowns/
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