[thelist] Flash problem: removeMovieClip

joe stowaway at uklinux.net
Sun Jun 27 05:55:22 CDT 2004

Millie Niss wrote:

>If anyone can solve this Flash 2004 problem I'd be very grateful.... I am up
>against a deadline with this, and I am really stuck!
>I am defining a component that makes a movie clip from the library appear
>when you roll over it.  This works.  I use attachMovie and give it a unique
>name made up of the linkage name of the thing I'm attaching plus the depth
>I'm attaching at.
>But when I try to remove it, it won't go away!  I want RollOut to remove the
>thing. When I trace the thing I'm trying to remove I get what I expect...
>My code is as follows:
hey Millie

the easy way is to give yourself a nice handle for the clip you've made:

myClip = _root.attachMovie(toappear, clipname, depth);

then you don't need the eval(...), just access it using myClip:

    myClip._x = this.x;
    myClip._y = this.y;
    myClip._xscale = this.xs;
    myClip._yscale = this.ys;
    myClip._rotation = this.rot;
    myClip._alpha = this.a;

or myClip.removeMovieClip() to get rid of it.

if you have more than one at any time being instantiated, you can use an 

myClip[depth] = _root.attachMovie(toappear, clipname, depth);
this.rememberMyDepth = depth;





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