[thelist] HTML Email Download Problem

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Sun Jun 27 10:41:59 CDT 2004

We have a client on our Win 2K server. He has one website on our server with
email service and another site on another server (a third party host) but we
host the mail service for that second site. (Don't ask why.)

On his 'other' site, the code on the site sends out an HTML newsletter. No
one of the several-hundred-member list has complained that there are any
problems with the newsletter.

Everyone in the client's office, however, has nothing BUT problems
downloading the newsletter from the server. They use Outlook Express and
Eudora Pro. I use Outlook 2000 on my machine and I have no problems
downloading said newsletter from the server, albeit from a different domain

I asked the client to configure his Eudora to download from another server
the same newsletter. He downloaded his personal home email from a third
party ISP and had no problems getting the newsletter. That third party ISP
is furthermore NOT the same ISP that provides ADSL service to his office.
This seems to indicate that the issue indeed lies on the server and not in
his office.

The problem generally is that he gets a text-based email, instead of HTML.
And that sometimes his client gets 'stuck' on the newsletter. Recently one
person in his office received a partial newsletter. The part that came in,
however, was HTML, not text.

The server uses this mail server software:

Anyone have any ideas? The next debugging step I can see would be to install
Eudora or Outlook Express here on my machine and attempt to download from
the server and to install Outlook 2K over there at the client's office and
attempt to download. Or I suppose to make myself an account on the client's
domain and attempt to download from that account here on my machine.

If anyone has anything more intelligent to suggest, however, I would
appreciate it. :)


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