[thelist] Loading files from a flash 2004 component

Millie Niss men2 at columbia.edu
Sun Jun 27 18:48:22 CDT 2004

I have a component that plays sounds, which are to be loaded externally.
The file name of the sound is a component parameter.  I created the
component in user folder on my hard disk, and tested it an it works.  Then I
compiled the component and made it into an MXP file and installed it into my
copy of Flash that way.  Now it looks for the sound file in the wrong
directory, giving this error message:

Error opening URL "file:///C|/DOCUME%7E1/default/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/ambush.mp3"

I tried giving the filename as "./ambush.mp3" to try to reference the
current directory, but that didn't work either.  Clearly, I could put my
sound files into the directory it searches by default, but that is very
awkward as one would want the flash movie and all the files it uses to be in
the same (user) file.

By the way, this is on Windows XP, if that matters...



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