[thelist] how to do autorun on CD?

dave [ evolt ] evoltlist at dropcase.com
Sun Jun 27 21:43:54 CDT 2004

not dumb at all... we all have to start somewhere, right?

you need to include a file in the root directory of the CD called 
Autorun.inf, and it should have a line in it like this:

open=winopen /max \index.html

the above would open up a maximized window, using index.html to fill it. 
i did a little looking, and found this:
worth reading, and check out the link at the bottom too... might be 
worth trying. good luck.


Millie Niss wrote:

>I am making a CD of my web art, and I'd like to make it start up a web
>browser and open my index.html file automatically when the CD is put in the
>computer.  How do I do this?
>Sorry for the dumb question!

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