[thelist] Site review - www.seoed.com

derick derick at heraldgreen.com
Thu Jul 1 23:17:37 CDT 2004


I think that the site's aesthetics are terrific.  

In regard to functionality, someone might want to consider form validation.

The user can submit the form now without entering a value in any of the

In regard to usability, users might experience some "minor" navigation
confusion. It's not likely based on the site size and content, but for what
it's worth...

If global links are not going to change appearance to represent the user's
current location, it may be beneficial to make the labeling scheme more

For example, you use "SEO Glossary" for the page with the heading Search
Engine Optimization Terms Glossary, but only "Services" for the page with
the heading Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services. 


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