[thelist] Email blast vendor

J Nicholas Tolson jtnt at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 2 10:44:21 CDT 2004

We currently use a company called Xpedite (http://info.xpedite.com/, their
MessageReach service to be precise) to send out email blasts for clients (it
goes without saying this isn't spam - only sent to targeted, opt-in lists
and internal email databases).

The usual story is that a client has 1000 to 10000 email addresses to which
they send anywhere from 1 email to a series of 4-6 emails which we have
designed/written/created. We use a web-based interface to send the emails,
upload the list(s), and create the email by pasting HTML and/or text.

We aren't unhappy with the current arrangement or level of service, but I am
always on the look out for a better solution (better price, features,
support, etc.) if one exists.

So, just wondering if anyone out there can recommend a company they've
worked with that offers similar services.  Just a URL will suffice, and I'll
investigate from there. Of course, more info is always appreciated.



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