[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in 'highwage'countries? (wasQuestion])

RUST Randal RRust at COVANSYS.com
Mon Jul 26 07:09:29 CDT 2004

Marcus Andersson wrote:

> Comments like these just oozes with prejudice and they make 
> me a little angry.

And are not much different than when people say that American workers
are fat and lazy. Or that the offshore worker is willing to work harder
and put in more hours. Both are false arguments.

> I would go with the latter and try to find myself a way to 
> compete with these guys and still keep my "high 
> wages". I don't know what way that is but it probably has 
> something to do with extremely hard work (as most of 
> "them" are putting into it) and specializing. The easiest way 
> to fight competition is to avoid it and find 
> your own niche. 

Bingo. With all of the work going offshore, there still have to be
Project and Client managers domestically that manage the offshore team.
It's not quite as easy as being trained for project managment though.
You also need to understand some of the quirks of dealing with workers
in a foreign culture.

Randal Rust
Covansys Corp.
Columbus, OH 

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