[thelist] Fullscreen browser in Windows Server 2003 SE

Roger Ly evolt at matchpenalty.com
Mon Jul 26 13:27:03 CDT 2004


>Now all my Citrix users are seeing an emulation of IE 6 on this OS and
>fullscreen mode is no longer going fullscreen. Instead users are now
>nearly fullscreen mode with a small toolbar and a titlebar which can be
>seen via the screenshot at --

I can't be sure that this would be the same case as in XP SP2, but here
are some notes about the new XP service pack:

>For windows opened using window.open:
>     o Expect the status bar to be present, and code for it. The status
bar >will be on by default and is 20-25 pixels in height.
>     o Adjust your window's size and content so it will fit well
visually >with the window's overall size. The window will not cover the
taskbar, so >it may lose 40 pixels if the status bar is on and the
taskbar is not >accounted for. Vertically size the window no more than
30 pixels outside >the taskbar.

>A window opened with the window.open() method as a direct result of a
user >action (e.g., clicking a page element) and not automatically
through a >script can still be configured to run in full-screen mode or
without a >status bar.

So, based on that, the question is whether or not the window is being
opened/resized via a user-initiated action (clicking on a link, etc.) or
happening in the background (via some onload handler on the page which
opens the new window).

I wonder if the Windows Server 2K3 SE implements some of the same
principles as XP SP 2.

Could you tailor the code so that the full-screen opening happens in
direct response to a user action?

Just grasping at straws here...


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