[thelist] Fullscreen browser in Windows Server 2003 SE

Zug, Bryan Bryan.Zug at seattlechildrens.org
Mon Jul 26 13:49:43 CDT 2004

Check the browser security settings.  Win2003 has some really
paranoid security config stuff, and if you can make the change for the
Citrix user, that should take care of the problem.

Thanks for the help Peter. We are looking into this and trying to find the
magic combo (if possible).

A window opened with the window.open() method as a direct result of a
user action (e.g., clicking a page element) and not automatically
through a script can still be configured to run in full-screen mode or
without a status bar.

Roger -- Gratsi. Very helpful. I think I do have the window.open method
configured to run as the direct result of a user action. I will try to mod a
public example to post to the list to confirm I am not missing anything.

If this is configured right -- and the same info you quoted applies to my
environment (IE 6.0.3790.0 and Windows Server 2003 SE), my next question is
what else do I need to do to configure IE "to run in full-screen mode or
without a status bar"

Also found the MS technote for "Changes to Functionality in Microsoft
Windows XP Service Pack 2: Part 5: Enhanced Browsing Security" which covers
"Internet Explorer Window Restrictions". URL is --


This looks related to me.

Cheers all --


Bryan Zug
WBT Developer
Children's Hospital
Seattle, WA

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