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Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Jul 27 08:00:33 CDT 2004

Message from Joel D Canfield (7/27/2004 12:52 AM)
>Decided to get serious about PHP. Looking for a Palm version of the PHP
>docs, and one or two excellent books on PHP (with or without MySQL)

I recently ordered "Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL, 2nd 
Edition", Hugh E. Williams. Should arrive tomorrow. I can let you know in a 
few days how it looks.

Or you can take a look on Amazon - 

I can't remember exactly why I chose this one over the more conventional 
Welling book that Burhan mentioned. Possibly because I wanted to wait for 
the 3rd edition due out later this year.

You can also take a look at the O'Reilly Bookshelf - 
http://safari.oreilly.com/ - which gives you the first two weeks free. Easy 
way to preview their different PHP offerings before buying one or two.


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