[thelist] Menu List question

Robert Hanson rhanson at mva.com
Tue Jul 27 12:03:31 CDT 2004

Don't rely on your menuing system alone to control access to any web page.
If user A can see that report, he can get the URL for it and send the URL
to person B, who should not have access.  You're fine with limiting the
menu to those items the user can pick, but you need to add security to each
page too.

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From: "Sam Carter"

> I'm rewriting a website and need a horizontal drop-down menu system (ASP/
> JavaScript based) that will allow me to populate each user's menu based
> the user's permission level.  It would be pretty straightforward to write
> SQL query to return the user's menu list on a page by page basis.  This
> all about permissions, and controlling access to certain reports.  There
> will be a form page where administrators can "pick" the menus each user
> see in each drop-down.  Menu items will be stored and retrieved from a
> database.
> Does anyone know a good off-the-shelf menu product out there that has
> similar characteristics?
> Thanks,
> Sam

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