[thelist] Client Updates to SSI .inc file

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Wed Jul 28 18:55:52 CDT 2004

> Perhaps your client could use Excel or other spreadsheet to maintain a 
> list, and save the spreadsheet as tab-delimited text (CSV, but with tabs 
> instead of commas), and upload via simple http upload page.  This would 
> have the advantage of a [probably] familiar interface for your client, 
> and minimal time investment on your part.

You could even use a spreadsheet to build the <span> tags 
"automatically", using a function to concatenate the span tags with text 
which the client would enter. So if they were entering storeName in A1, 
storeAddress in B1, and storeTel in C1, you could put a function like 
this in D1:
= "<span class=""storeName"">" & A1 & "</span><br>\n<span 
class=""storeAddress"">" & B1 & "</span><br>\n<span class=""storeTel"">" 
& C1 & "</span><br>"

Then just copy-fill this formula down into the following rows. And you 
can use Excel's sorting to alphabetize the entries. (Excel  doesn't 
actually use \n for newlines - you can hit Alt + Enter in the formula 
field to make it add a newline.)

Once you've got all the data in, just select all the cells you want from 
the "D" column and copy and paste into a text file. I use this trick for 
lots of tedious data entry tasks.

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